Market Strategy and Brand Evolution for Leo Ingwer

By combining business insights, brand strategy, and identity design, And Partners helped Leo Ingwer transform itself from B2B wholesaler to a premium brand that resonates with consumers.

Under continuous pressure from low-cost manufacturers overseas and such direct-to-consumer online businesses as Blue Nile, Leo Ingwer turned to And Partners to help fight the commoditization of its business.

Technology has empowered consumers to put more research into their jewelry purchase, rather than relying solely on the recommendation of the retailer. Without a strong brand that resonated with consumers, Ingwer was in danger of being marginalized. Our approach included:

  • Developing a go-to-market strategy that used technology to build deeper relationships with retailers and (for the first time) consumers.
  • Identifying the authentic consumer brand story hidden inside Ingwer’s 70-year-old wholesale business.
  • Developing a communications strategy to express the brand clearly and consistently across every customer touchpoint.
  • Executing the brand strategy with compelling messages that appeal to the emotions and values of high-quality jewelry buyers.
  • Developing an updated IT infrastructure that streamlines all parts of the sales and manufacturing process.


Unexpected Insights That Add Value

To understand where Ingwer really stood, we went beyond a traditional competitive analysis. We looked not just at the jewelry industry, but also in related fields to uncover trends in fashion, retail, technology, and manufacturing. We analyzed blogs and social media to find consumers’ true feelings about the changing process of buying jewelry and their feelings about the Ingwer brand. We also studied demographic data such as population growth and migration trends to identify underserved niche markets.



We also identified two critical business issues. First, the extensive Ingwer product catalogue had grown unwieldy and unnecessary. A limited percentage of products drove the majority of sales. We worked with Ingwer to identify specific product lines that offered the most opportunities for growth. These products were featured in a new streamlined “look book” of designs that consumers could use as inspiration when customizing their piece with their local jeweler. Less popular styles are always available for viewing online, but excluded from ongoing print promotion.



Expanding Into New Sales Channels Without Losing the Old Ones

An important challenge for the strategic and design teams was how to help Ingwer build new, direct relationships with consumers while not jeopardizing existing relationships with independent retailers and jewelers who resell Ingwer designs. The key to solving this problem was the new Leo Ingwer brand.




In less than one year, And Partners created a heritage brand that feels like it has been around forever. The brand positioning helps retailers command a premium for reselling Ingwer designs while allowing Ingwer to build a relationship directly with consumers.




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