Insight and execution equals change

And Partners uses a pragmatic, change-focused creative process to help businesses and organizations achieve their goals and grow. We create change for clients by combining insights with thoughtful execution.


Whether an insight is about an industry ready for technological advancement or about how to ready employees for organizational change, it’s rooted in understanding people—identifying their motivations, behavior, perceptions, frustrations, and unmet needs.

Insights need to be collected internally and externally

1) Perspectives from stakeholders
2) Assessment of business goals
3) Understanding of how business is done
     in a particular industry
4) Organizational capabilities and weaknesses
5) Perspectives from customers
6) User habits
7) Learned behaviors
8) Customer experience



The things people interact with—physical or digital—are the things that change the world. Too often, strategies fail because they are unrealistic, unexecutable or not right in the real world. Avoiding these traps means focusing on an effective, tangible solution throughout the creative process—short-term strategy, real-world research, iterative concept development, and working prototypes.


Change is the result of creating a story, product or service that speaks to a person’s emotions and needs. It is not an abstract goal—understanding the different kinds of change is vital to a project’s success:

Belief Change is a change to perceptions or attitudes towards a product, service, brand, or idea. A belief can be held by an individual or by a group, from a single customer’s experience to an organization’s corporate culture.

Behavior Change is about changing habits, from how people shop to how they live, work and play. Technology is the single biggest driver of behavior change, especially when it offers new utility to encourage adoption.