Next Is Now at VF Corporation

From traditional corporate communications to new innovation and employee engagement programs, And Partners has helped VF engage investors, employees, and a variety of other stakeholders.

VF Corporation isn’t a household name. This is by design. The worldwide apparel leader prefers to keep all the attention on its portfolio of 30+ blockbuster lifestyle brands such as The North Face, Vans, Nautica, Wrangler, Lee, and 7 For All Mankind.



As VF evolved from a mature category apparel manufacturer to a global lifestyle apparel brand business, And Partners worked closely with them to help share management’s vision and communicate it to external and internal audiences. This long-standing relationship demonstrates how a multidisciplinary approach can create greater value across an organization.


A Decade of Annual Reports

As investors get real-time information online, we’ve helped evolve VF’s annual report so that it serves a broader purpose. It’s how VF Corporation communicates its strategy and goals to the investor community, employees, potential hires, government agencies, acquisition targets, and partners.



Our goal is to create engaging content that is relevant, widely available, and useful. This means a mix of print and digital delivery that lets each medium function alone while working together to tell a richer story than they could by themselves.



We developed printed reports that tell the VF brand story and give stakeholders a real sense of what is happening across the enterprise. They also contain calls-to-action that drive readers to, for deeper, more interactive content. Unlike other companies who have outsourced hosting of their digital reporting, VF embraced a strategy that enables it to have a two-way dialogue with the investors. The site includes regular quarterly updates, shareable features and rich media while establishing itself as a platform for ongoing communications.


New Engagement Tools For the Financial Community

Every three to five years, VF holds an event for its senior leaders to meet face-to-face with financial analysts who follow the company. At its most recent event, VF engaged And Partners to help it make the most of this opportunity.

And Partners developed the identity and design approach for the event, consulted with VF on messaging strategy, and also produced videos and animations.






As part of this event, we also created an entirely new investor communications channel, a mobile application called Next Is Now. Instead of communicating solely via emailed press releases and quarterly conference calls, VF can now engage with its investor stakeholders in ways that are more convenient, pushing video, presentations, and other content directly to mobile devices.


Innovation and Behavior Change

VF’s five-year growth plan includes a new emphasis on innovation to drive topline growth and shape the future of the apparel industry. We’re collaborating closely with VF to communicate this new growth driver both internally and externally.

And Partners conceived and created a 3,000-square-foot exhibit to showcase innovation at VF. The gallery highlighted new products, processes, and marketing initiatives to give the investment community a picture of where VF is going–beyond the numbers. To make the most of the investment, the gallery was designed to be modular, lightweight, and easy to ship so that it can be repurposed as a traveling exhibit.




Over the past year, we’ve also worked with VF to activate its innovation strategy with behavior change programs and internal communications. Because this is an ongoing engagement, we can’t provide any more detail, but would be happy to discuss this in person.


We conducted an audit of industry best practices and interviews of business leaders, corporate communications experts, investors, and analysts on the future of the Annual Report. See what we learned here by downloading “Is It Worth It, Should We Do It, Why Bother: 10 Reasons Why You Need an Annual Report.”


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