Punc't Project Branded Content for Neenah Paper

By harnessing the creative talents of 24 of New York’s best-known visual artists, And Partners helped Neenah Paper grow market share in the highly competitive Northeast U.S. market and support the charitable cause of child literacy.


Semicolon: Michael Beirut, Slash: Steven Brower, Caret: Marcos Chin, Parentheses: Seymour Chwast, Braces: Roberto de vicq de Cumptich, Question mark: Steff Geissbuhler, Ampersand: David Schimmel, Quotation marks: Scott Stowell, Exclamation point: Alexander Gelman, Ellipsis: Carin Goldberg, Colon: Kent Hunter, At symbol: Mirko Ilic, Percent sign: Alexander Isley, Brackets: Michael Ian Kaye, Umlaut: Aimee Sealfon Eng, Ditto mark: Robert Valentine, Hypen: Chip Kidd, Number/pound sign: Emily Oberman and Bonnie Siegler, Asterisk: Woody Pirtle, Tilde: Sam Potts, Apostrophe: Stefan Sagmeister and Matthias Ernstberger, Comma: Paula Scher, Em/en dash: Todd St. John, Period: James Victore


The Punc’t Project was a limited-edition series of 24 signed and numbered serigraphs created by 24 graphic designers who reinterpreted punctuation marks.  The posters created for the series were just part of a larger program that culminated with an opening gala and silent auction.






In addition to giving exposure to Neenah Paper in the New York market, the project had a larger impact. The Books For Kids Foundation was selected to receive all of the proceeds from the sale of the posters. Proceeds have built several libraries in the New York metropolitan area, where the nonprofit focuses its efforts.

Punc’t also garnered significant press and industry awards (including a coveted Gold Pencil from the One Club) and has been exhibited internationally. Stefan Sagmeister’s “Apostrophe” is part of the Museum of Modern Art’s (MoMa) permanent collection, and the exhibition catalogue is included in the New York Public Library and Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum collection.


See Sagmeister's "Apostrophe" at moma.org

Download case study [pdf]