Rebranding for Growth for HMS

With business strategy and a rigorous brand development process, And Partners helped HMS merge two company cultures by humanizing the data-driven business of healthcare cost management.

HMS is the nation’s leader in healthcare cost management, working with public and private insurers to find efficiencies, encourage best practices, and reinvest the savings to improve quality of care.

Leadership changes, a nationwide expansion, and the acquisition of its biggest competitor placed HMS in a time of vital transition. The company engaged And Partners to rethink how it should go to market, to determine how the brand should communicate its value to customers, and to plan for two very different corporate cultures to merge successfully.

In 2010, the company was ranked #10 on Fortune magazine’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies list and named the #1 Fastest Growing Company in New York by Crain’s.

Our brand-development process helped HMS humanize its offering by focusing on how cost containment and program integrity can improve care quality and patient access. No longer judged by the size and speed of its databases, HMS has changed the way it is valued in the marketplace.


Actionable Insights

Through an analysis of the competitive landscape and interviews with company leaders, employees, customers, and the investment community, our team uncovered ways for HMS to add value well beyond its data, based on relationships. Some of our recommendations included:

  • Creating a client service protocol to ensure long-term growth
  • Integrating client-facing and technical teams to provide better service
  • Adopting best practices such as annual satisfaction surveys
  • Becomimg a thought leader for state and local governments
  • Streamlining six product offerings into four business lines


Creating a New Brand: Humanizing Healthcare

And Partners worked with management to help articulate a new mission and new values—a new HMS way of doing business based on the humanity of healthcare, not just the numbers. This work was the foundation of a brand identity and positioning that clearly communicated the meaning of HMS to customers and employees. At the center of this human-centric approach was the new HMS identity.


For employees, we created a series of simple but memorable communications materials to communicate the new company’s vision and direction. The goal was to inspire people to come to work every day with a higher purpose and, in turn, communicate that purpose to customers.

For customers, we developed a comprehensive, targeted marketing strategy for each of four distinct businesses and unique audiences.

Our work helped position HMS as a thought leader in society’s most critical industry, placing it at the center of discussions in Washington and putting its data to work to improve such critical care as disease management. HMS now has a platform to reinforce the qualitative impact of its work and support its growth into other, related areas.


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